Being a personal project of a Toronto based musician Voytek Iwasiuk, Cysto saw the light in 2004. On his youth Voytek focused his efforts into the study of guitar and into hard rock, jazz and blues. When years after he felt that that way of creating music was kinda stagnating, he decided to convert his analog home studio into a PC based studio where he could create a kind of music more pumping, dancey and distorted. BUILT FOR YOU is the first Cysto album and offers to the electro lovers twelve sincere tracks. 


Cysto has got good skills about creating energetic tracks, but I think that Voytek should diversificate the vocals on the songs. The sound production is good enough to understand his style, but the sounds aren't always clear and the same kind of vocals isn't helping into the fruitiong of the song. The CD contains good tunes that would need a little more production. If you want to know how Cysto is sounding like, the first name that popped in my mind was Matrix (if you don't count the guitar riffs). Check the first five tracks on Cysto's website and write your impressions to Voytek.


- Maurizio Pustianaz Chain D.L.K 


Built for you is the debut release of the recently renamed EBM project, Cysto. Cysto, now known as Soundgazer, is the

project of Voytek Iwasiuk from Toronto, Canada. Iwasiuk's vocals seem a little rough around the edges, but his

programming and guitar work make it easy to appreciate good, sincere music for what it is.


Cysto's music is flawlessly formatted. Built for You is embodied by tranced-out EBM that raises the listener into a

triumphant high; rhythms and beats rising and falling at just the right intensity. Riding on the waves of his music,

Iwasiuk's strong voice and foreign accent carry his messages of introspection and observation directly to an open

and hopeful mind.


There is no denying it, Cysto's Built for You has a powerful sound--dance-floor ready and well worth the listen.

Fans of VNV Nation, Front Line Assembly, and Icon of Coil would be well matched for this release.


- Shaun Phelps Grave Concerns Ezine